Irci Santo Tomaino

Santo Tomaino is a painting teacher in an important Art school in Turin,Italy. He was born in 1954 and he lives in Chivasso, a town near Turin. His passion for art started when he was very young and then he decided to continue to put it attentions. He really loves his job. Thank it he can eat but also see and understand the changes with the progression of guys’ generations.
Each artist decides how to organize his pictorial production and Santo Tomaino has chosen to work for cycle of narrative paintings. So he decides the theme of his cycle and in this way, for about a year, he works on it and produces 10/20 paintings that will be exhibited and sold all together.
He has exhibited in several cities including Bologna, Trieste, Bari, Turin, Genoa, Milan, Geneva, Paris and Berlin.
I know him since three years and I can say that he has a very unique personality, just waiting to be known.

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