Youth Build Legendary Europe

YBLE Project is a multicultural youth exchange program, between :Romania, Turkey, Portugal, Spain and Italy. During 7 days, the promoters will develop thematic activities such as legendary knowledge and cultural heritage of Europe. The effective exchange of youngsters will take place in Ramnicu Sarat, Romania, between 9 to 16 July 2012. The target group is consisting of 35 participants and the methods,tools used, will be acorded to non-formal education.
The project goal is to improve the basic knowlegde of youngsters, regardind Modern and Traditional European Culture (especialy their roots) To maintain this thesis, YBLE project will outline objectives as: finding the legendary heritage of Europe, increasing the involvement of youth in promoting cultural heritage, cultural heritage of Europe and intercultural dialogue between EU Member States. Those objectives support by highlighting the objectives and the priorities of the Youth in Action.
Our project fits in the 2012`s priorities, by having provided the agenda for implementing dynamic activities, encouraging sports among youth, including youth unemployment and diminishing pursue, encouraging and developing creative manifestations of the spirit of entrepreneurship. To achieve its objectives,its results and its impact, we have provided specific activities proposed as thematic seminars about legends and legendary heroes, thematic workshops, knowledge games, role play, workshops, teambuilding outdoor cultural research visits, games social, intercultural evenings, evaluation and reflection spaces and of course Carnival legend achievement in Ramnicu Sarat –the final activity. The methods used are from non-formalities, calling at: teamwork, brainstorming, forum theater, playing non-formal methods of assessment (drawing, free discussion, reflection group, youthpass reflection), photography, film, music, dance, media, etc. The main themes, used in implementing the activities, are European awareness, art and culture.

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